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Today I would like to share my experience making a quiz in Kahoot. For the first time, I think that Kahoot is one of the application that have a great facility. By using Kahoot teacher can cut a video easily, they also able to put a picture when they need it. Kahoot have a presentable aappearance, so in my oppinion by using Kahoot will pull students intererst. But, when I made quiz in Kahoot, I find a challenges. Sometimes, I cant find an interesting video or Im confused om making the option. But overall, I suggest teacher who bored with printed text to use Kahoot. But Kahoot also having a limit, you only can access this page if you have a good internet connection. Im affrain student who doesnt have internet connection or student who doesnt have media to connect to the internet will not able to join this online activity. Yesterday, I made a Kahoot, the tittle is “asking and giving permission” I made the tittle based on the theme that I got on my class.

the Link :

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