Depression and Anxiety

9 December 2019

Good morning, friends! How are you? Are you feeling good today?

Before I start the talk today, first I want to ask you guys something. Have you ever think, why your friends are better than you? Why am I not as smart as she or he? As a college student, do you think you get lots of pressure from society, like your family and friends or something that makes you feel under pressure? From the pressures that we get, it can cause lots of problems, like anxiety, depression, insecurity, anorexia, and many more. Well, I’m not going to talk about all of these because it takes a long time of course. So today, I’m just going to talk about depression and anxiety, because they’re connected. What’s the difference between these two? Depression generates emotions such as hopelessness, despair, and anger. Meanwhile anxiety disorder, however, experiences fear, panic or anxiety in situations where most people would not feel anxious or threatened. In Indonesia, depression and anxiety awareness level is very low. People don’t really care about it, they just think “Oh you just overthink”, or “you need to get closer to God”, and sometimes people make fun of it. It’s someone’s life, you can’t make fun of it and it’s not a joke at all. Because of that, I believed that from now on, we should be more aware of mental health.

First, I’m going to tell you the statistic data of anxiety in Indonesia. Chairman of the Indonesian Psychiatric Association (PDSKJI) Eka Viora said that in Indonesia the prevalence of people suffering from depression is 3.7 percent or 9 million people out of 250 million people suffer from depression. At least 6 percent for people age 15 or older suffer from depression and anxiety. It happened because society still thinks that it’s a taboo thing and people who suffer from it too afraid to see psychology because people might think that they’re crazy.

Second, the effects of depression and anxiety will bring a bad impact on your body, for instance, insomnia, headache, fatigue, increased risk of heart disease, weight gain or loss of nausea, and many more. You might have difficulty to communicate with people around you, sudden fall in grades may be a sign of lack of concentration because of your mood is always changing or mood swing. So, how to cure it? First, you need to consult with the doctor or psychology or psychiatry so that you will know what kind of treatment and medicine that you need. Second, if you have friends who suffer from depression and anxiety, please encourage them. Tell them that they’re not alone, you will be on his or her side, you will always listen to him or her, hug him or her if it necessary, try to ask “have you eat today?”, “how’s your day?” “Is everything alright?”, and said, “You are precious, you are enough, you did a good job.”

All in all, mental health awareness is still a taboo thing in Indonesia, although a lot of people around us suffer from it. From now on, please be more sensitive around you. Before I end this talk, I just want to say, it’s okay not to be okay, I know it’s hard, but you are enough, you did a very great job, thank you for being here. Have a good day.

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