Candi Gedong Songo
Place / 9 December 2019

      Here’s the destination place near my hometown. Enjoy!  

Chulalongkorn Centenary Park
Place / 9 December 2019

Chulalongkorn Centenary Park is the first critical piece of green infrastructure for the city of Bangkok, designed to mitigate detrimental ecological issues and add much-needed outdoor public space to the grey city. The Chulalongkorn Centenary Park is designed to face future uncertainties of climate change. Bangkok is a climate-vulnerable city with little green space, and this park, which contains the largest green roof in Thailand, is an invaluable addition to the ecological landscape. The park addresses major environmental issues facing Bangkok as a rapidly developed, hard paved city: water management and the urban heat island effect. The design and environmental effects of the park reach beyond its boundaries into the surrounding neighborhood: a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly road extends beyond the park in both directions, linking major roadways directly to the park’s walkways, and water from neighboring areas is treated by the park’s filtration system. Located on a large university campus in central Bangkok, close to residential, entertainment and major retail facilities, The Centenary Park is a showcase for the ecological and social impacts of landscape architecture in dense urban areas.   The 30-rai (12 acre) park with 1.3 km. green avenue is designed with many ecological functions that sustainably collect…

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