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Contoh Puisi Lama Terbaik

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Contoh Puisi Lama According to Joko, PIK-R activity once a week, performed after Asr prayers (about 3-4 hours) before the prayer until sunset (around 6). But outside of formal activities, members or younger siblings who have a problem, they could consult or confide in a counselor. The counselors are trained and usually also the same age, said she was ready to serve his friends who wanted to consult. According to a female counselor, Lady Chintia Pratiwi (16 years), most problems were consulted by members of the PIK-R is about courtship, which is the most common problem among teens. “Fortunately, the science can and can guide the younger brothers and sisters as well, especially about sexuality,” said the lady, who is ready to become a counselor and a place to vent for his friends in Ponpes Babussalam for 24 hours. PIK-R is one of the target program BKKBN (National Population and Family Planning) through PKBR (Foundation for Teens and family life) or is now widely known as program genre (Generation Planning).

The program is also partnering with the IPPA (Indonesian Family Planning Association). One goal is to reduce the number of early marriages in Indonesia that number continues to rise. In addition, to prevent the spread of HIV-AIDS among adolescents, to prevent premarital sex, and avoid other juvenile delinquency. In this sex should be a perfectly natural. Weird sex and the risk of unhealthy illness you know. Such as men who have sex with animals the penis will increase the risk of cancer. The team of Brazilian urologist perform research on 492 men aged 18 to 80 years. The study found men who have sex with animals two or more times in his life, has the potential to develop cancer of the penis. Thus quoted from ANI News, Tuesday (02/12/2013). Data obtained also that the men involved sexual activity with animals reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases are higher than those who did not have sex with animals. Of 492 volunteers, 118 people are patients with penile cancer.

Stjnio de Cassio Zequi, lead author of the study said that if a man have sex with animals can cause micro-trauma to the penis tissue. This is because the mucous membranes in the genitals of animals have different characteristics from human genitals. “The secretion Contoh Puisi Lama of the animals may also be different from human fluids,” he added as quoted by the Daily Mail quoted. Zequi explain soft tissue in animals not humans. “The secretion of the non-human would be toxic for us,” he added. From these studies take lessons, do healthy sex. To prevent sexually transmitted diseases should be associated only with pair sekslah legitimate. As you age, the human hormone levels also change. This decline resulted in decreased sexual ability, both men and women. Symptoms often appear as vaginal dryness, difficulty orgasm and the decreased libido drastically.

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