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Om Win

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I have a dad.

Everybody actually has a dad, “different” types of dads. Some might already died before they met, some might run from the family, some might hate you for being alive. Different eh? I, happily & luckily have a dad who is nice but cold durin’ my early years.

Have you gotten a surprised yet about yer parents? For instance, daddy is a secret agent, daddy is a homo, daddy has an affair, daddy can do kung-fu? Yeah no? Like in the movies; spy kids, mummy and daddy are spies. There they knew it when they were still little, it’s not funny enough (but I wonder sometimes if imagine my parents were a spy), anyways.

I’ve just gotten that kinda surprise a few days ago! Well maybe not too hyperbolic like that. My dad is not a spy, no. My dad is not a gaylord either, no thanks….. About havin’ an affair I don’t really know, hopin’ for not. Aaand daddy can’t do kung-fu, obviously.

I just told you that I knew this a few days ago right? I’m eighteen now and a few days ago isn’t very far from now i guess, which means i clearly got a surprise clearly not at the right time.

A little biography about my dad ::

Grade three :: At a very young age, was the time where he began to find money. He was fixin’ people/his neighbours’ chairs for an extra pocket money. “Dunno how much he had raised by doin’ that back then.”

Junior high school :: Or what we call secondary, had already washed people’s car for some more pocket money. “Seems back then he probably didn’t get enough allowance.”

Senior high school :: I’m not very sure what jobs he got but he was once offered by a Chinese to open up a supermarket but didn’t last long cause it turned out that the man’s gay. “Didn’t see that comin’ huh?”

Lecture :: Had only stayed for a year cause he could already make his own money. “Daddy told me he could already buy a small land and his own car. Amazing.”

Mummy always get good grades on her education, went to college and all, and made money after then in the United Nations.

Daddy made money since he was little, during his education years and has a market by now.

Motto for today: -Ibuku motivasiku, ayahku inspirasiku.-


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