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– edwin mohammad

Tada! Kayanya seru ye jam segini (jam 03:21 PAGI) nulis tentang negara Indonesia, oh tanah airku tercinta! Lebay. Ya dari pada nuangin tulisan yang biasa ada dalam otak cowo-cowo di saat jam sekarang -__- Mau tau apa? Eits, lanjuut! Yup ini ceritanya pake bahasa Inggris ya, jadi kalo lo belom bisa yaaa belajar dulu lah baru baca blog gue (jrit minta digebukin).

Okelah, kenapa gue memutuskan untuk menulis tentang negara Indonesia. Apa sih yang ada dalam pikiran gue sekarang? Sampe-sampe gue pengen nunjukkin rasa patriot gue hahaha. Jujur aja, sebenarnya karena hari ini adalah hari anti-korupsi sedunia dan berhubung gue menetap di suatu negara dimana saat ini (dari jaman dulu juga sih) banyak sekali kasus-kasus tentang korupsi yang beredar di media. Itu lah. Itu lah mengapa gue pengen nulis tentang Indonesia.

So please, please Mr. Government, do a good job. And I mean it, I mean it GOOD. Here we go:

Indonesia is still known as a developed country with problems still unsolved. One of them is children suffering from hunger by the result of the unorganized governments of Indonesia.

When my mother took us to Vienna, it didn’t seem as bad. I didn’t see many children begging for food in the streets and train stations. If I have to compare, it will surely make a huge difference. There are so many children begging for food in Indonesia, perhaps they even knock on my house sometimes. I asked my self why this is happening, and finally I have found the result that it’s the representatives of the country that doesn’t seem to care about this. They would rather keep the state funds for their self-interests. It’s all over the news.

I’d really want to see my country like Vienna when I was still there. Few weeks ago, I’ve donated some clothes for the poor, taught them how to write a story and how to speak English. I believe if I participate in the FAO, I could make some changes for my country, especially for the children who are still begging for food. By participating in this organization, I could see that, little by little, my country will develop and poor people who are begging for a life will decrease.

If we look at the history of Indonesia, Indonesia is actually a rich country. We have the resources that many countries want, we have the beautiful landscapes that many tourists decided to come and enjoy the views. What else? Cultures, we have hundreds of cultures and ethics that we could share and attract foreign people. As you can see, there isn’t actually any excuse for the governments to not be capable in developing this country. But what do we get now? Sleepy heads not doing what they’re supposed to be doing!

Sorry for being too loud on this, but I have to be honest, I just can’t stand seeing my country have become a huge mess. I don’t wonder why anymore, I have to move and make a change. If you’re asking how, I would love to be one of the FAO members, plus I could learn about the process of change.


-mohammad edwin

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