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– edwin mohammad

The three places were the museum of Sang Guru who was Jendral Soedirman, kekayon museum which most people call it museum wayang and Monument Djogja Kembali or Monjali. I’ve chosen these places from the internet after I realized that my holidays in Djogja feels so boring without doing anything or going anywhere. Therefore I needed some activities to keep my sleep away. All I did was using my laptop, eat, smoke, shit, watch t.v and few things more which I don’t have to say it here. Why am I doing this? Well it’s because my friends, most of them from UGM still have their lectures, and my friends from the campus have already gone to their homes. While I’m still stuck in here, my plane arrives on the 4th and I bought it for an expensive price! I’ve had it, no more buying from the agent lady nearby! Can you imagine it an airplane ticket for 435 rupees! While my flat mate got his for 270, preeet!

Okay enough, let’s get back to the topic. We visited General Soedirman first (the General wasn’t at home, obviously. We just met the house hehe). Oh sorry, I meant “we” as myself, Dini and Rex. It was a coincidence that Rex, an UGM student who was suppose to have his lecture, could join us. Well he kinda mighta missed his class by accident. Or was it? Nah, he actually woke up at 7 in the morning while his lecture starts at 7am. So we all decided to go with Dini’s car because the weather here is too wild, wild I meant HOT! I dunno how many degrees it was but to compare it with Jakarta which as far as I know is one of the most polluted city across the universe is even hotter.  Even I think American soldiers would probably die here! That’s why we didn’t even think about going by motorcycles. Plus it’s better with car too; air conditioner plus we could lean our backs onto the seat which was perfect cause Rex and I were still freakin tired after staying at the angkringan until half past 1-ish after midnight chatting and swapping ghost stories. It was one heck of a chat, good thing this guy slept over after we chat, if not… Naaah I would still be brave enough haha.

Moooving to the first museum! Got lost for a second there, asked the becak riders for the way, got to our destination safely, hehe. It didn’t look as big as when I saw it on the net, it was interesting though, the museum used to be General Soedirman’s house long long ago.

Who is General Soedirman?

One of the highest and most respected general there is in Indonesia. A man who came from a not-so wealthy family, born in Banyumas, had his experiences as teaching in school and as well being the principle. You would probably imagine this man as a BIG, STRONG, TOUGH guy by being one of the highest general there is eh? Actually not, he’s very skinny and tall. Something that made me kinda shock when reading the biography at the museum was this man has nine children! Haha he must’ve like getting it on eh? Hahaha we had this laugh for some minutes. Okay enough, enough.

Carrying on, that was about it. Not very big, we saw the place where he used to teach his students, we saw the hospital where he suffered from tuberculosis because of living in and out of the forest.

We had a debate on this, “does it look like from China or Japan?” I say JAPAN!!

Moving onto the Wayang museum/Kekayon museum. It is located near the Wonosari street. Not far from Sang Guru museum, passed the north ring road if I’m not mistaken. Man, passing the ring road and seeing how hot it was, I was so happy I didn’t take my bike there! Anyways, the museum isn’t big, actually it’s kinda big but that’s it, not much to see and learn. It seemed that this museum isn’t watched carefully by the people there. The wayang weren’t put on the right position and there weren’t many explanations from the figures there. I don’t know why in this wayang museum there were many antique Mercedes lying around. This was actually one of the things that caught my eyes. Mercedes from the year of “I dunno” were parked with flat tires there. Okay I may have to ask you now, wayang never had any relations with Mercedes cars right? Haha.

Anyone have heard about how Indonesian soldiers beat the Dutch in just about 6 hours of battle? Well here here, the monument to commemorate the six hours of the battle against Netherland. It was during the era of Soekarno where Soeharto had sent his soldiers to move and kill the Dutch while they were having their recess. “Bsshht Bsssht (the saound of bambu runcing) boom boom, dead” yep twas a quick match eh? 6 hours dude, usually wars takes more than a year at least. I would say monjali is the tower of monas in Djogja although the structure is different but the inside is just like monas. They have the figures inside the glass and all. Okay I know almost every monuments are like that but this one just reminds me of monas, I dunno why haha. Djogjakarta as we know it had a lot of tragedies happening before independency. Not just the monjali monument that relates to the struggle of independence but speaking about the building architectures… Close to Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono’s (X) palace, were placed many buildings built by the Dutches during the struggle just for the sake of watching the King and his soldiers’ gestures so they won’t do anything beyond stupid.  Sadly to say, the average of Djogja’s buildings, mostly in the area of Kraton were Dutch’s idea. But still, these heritage is what makes this city a history so don’t be mad at the Dutch for they have given us tourism attractions. Plus, for you dutch people, I must say, you guys are good in architecture haha. I wonder how a building would look like if we combine an architecture of Indo and Dutch. Hmm?

My advice; don’t go there in the afternoon when tis really hot cause you must walk few meters to the monument and gosh I can’t explain how hot it was! Like I said, Jakarta, bleeh you lost Jakarta, it’s much hotter here, but tis okay anyway if yer don’t have the skin like me which turns into dark easily haha. Okay folks, that’s about it, my travel to 3 tourism attractions. More will come later, so stay put folks!


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