The film “Juno”

Juno MacGuff, played by a Canadian actress, Ellen Page, is a 16-year-old teenage girl who lives with Father, Sister, and Stepmother. Juno is famous for his funny, frontal, wild, free and a little weird. One day he experienced something very surprising. He was pregnant, as a result of being curious about having sex and finally she experimented with his boyfriend, Paulie Bleeker. When she stepped on his pregnancy for two months she was confused about what to do. Juno didn’t dare tell his problem to his family, only to his best friend Leah and Bleeker he dared to. Juno also tried to go to the abortion clinic to try abort the baby, but then she changed her mind and she chose to keep giving birth to the baby and give to someone who needed child adoption.

Juno finally tell about her pregnancy to his parents accompanied by her best friend Leah. Unexpectedly, Juno’s parents turned out to be calm and even supported Juno’s decision to give her child to a couple who was looking for a child to adopt, and the couple were Mark (Jason Bateman) and Vanessa (Jennifer Garner) that founded by Juno in a news letter that they are looking for a child to adopt.

Juno and his father met Mark and Vanessa at their house, when they arrived at Mark’s house, they had also brought in a family lawyer related to the agreement about the adoption of Juno’s child. All agreed on the adoption process and also the care of the Juno pregnancy, all borne by Mark and Vanessa.

Climax or the main problem in this film is when Mark honestly said that he was not ready to become a father, Juno cried because the person he considered proper to take care his baby was not ready to become a father, even Mark would divorce Vanessa because she don’t have same opinion. The conflict between Vanessa and Mark also explained how important communication was in the life of a household. When there is a difference in desires, a dispute will occur if there is no understanding and respect. After that, Juno tried to share his sadness with his father without specifying who was the person who made her cry, she asked his father did a couple could love each other until the end, his father said that one thing we could do was find someone who loved you who you are. Juno understood and found an answer she was looking for.

The next day, Juno met Bleeker to tell his true feelings that she loved Bleeker. Bleeker too, they decided to continue their relationship. On Juno gave birth, beyond expectations, it turned out that Juno did not taking care for his own child, she still gave his child to Vanessa who had been waiting in front of the incubator room. Apparently, at night when Mark and Vanessa were talking about her divorce, Juno came to Vanessa’s house to leave a piece of paper that read “Vanessa, if you still in, I’m in”.

The normal human cycle is to love first “reproduction”, but for Juno it’s the opposite. In the end Juno felt an unusual feeling aka love for Bleeker. That is love, very irrational and comes suddenly. It could be that the baby is holding Juno and Bleeker’s hands and bringing them together. Juno knows the best for his baby and the baby knows the best for Juno. Sad and funny about what happened to Juno, a young girl who gave birth to a beautiful and holy new life behind a foolish deed.

Juno is an entertaining film that have high quality, because this film give us simple things such as stories, plots, characters, conflicts and how to deal with a problem that can actually be solved with a cool head and calm thinking. Even the score obtained from Rotten Tomattoes which is a film critic institution is 94% which makes this film worth for watching.

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