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Reflection on Blogging

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My opinion about blogs in general is a blog application that is used to communicate in cyberspace by everyone who uses the blog. Blogs can also be used to share knowledge that has been shared or written by an author through the blog, so we who use the blog can also knowledge from other people’s blogs. Blogging can also be used to pour ideas of our thinking, then we write in the blog in the form of posts or articles. How great our ability in pouring thoughts in the blog will affect our success and popularity in a blog. Blog can be used by everyone without exception who has a blog account, and how to create a blog easily enough that is required is an active email address.


In using and UMY blog I experienced the obstacle or difficulty that is often forget with email and password to enter into the blog. At the time of making all blogs both bloggers and blogs UMY have their respective constraints. For strangers in using blogs is very difficult because they do not know how to make it after the lesson to make a blog to understand how to create a blog with good. I like bloggers rather than UMY blogs because bloggers are easier to use and more free to post all the works that have been made while in UMY blog not all blogs can be posted because the blog is not used for public but UMY students only and have admin to go blog UMY. I do not like UMY blog because we cannot change the wallpaper and limited look of blog, to enter UMY blog is not as easy to go to blogger because it uses password given by Admin who manage UMY blog.

In my opinion using blogs in the learning process and teaching less efficient so I do not agree, because the process of learning and teaching Language is very difficult. Why it is very difficult because learning directly in the classroom is difficult to understand let alone learn the language by using blogs that require registration time, need good internet access etc. So I’m of the opinion that using blogs in learning Languages ​​is less amenable.

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