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My Great Experience

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Let me Introduce myself, my name is Angga Alfian Saputra. Usually some people call me with Pongge. Do you know what Pongge is? Pongge is a content of durian. I can’t remember why my friends call Pongge. May be because durian is a fruit of the most favored people. hahaha.

I come from Ponorogo, the town of Reog. It is located at East Java, near with Madiun. Now I’m a student of English Education of Department at Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta.

I want to share about my great experience when I school at Senior High School. I was a secretary of Student Council at my school. I’ve also been a committee chairman of a farewell events. At the time, friends committee and I managed to invite a guest star on the show. They are Noe, Pathub, Arian, and Dhedot, we call them with LETTO. I’m sure that some of you are familiar with this band. Not easy to invite a professional band such as Letto, it takes hard work and tremendous spirit.

We are only have 2 months to prepare everything. Do you know how the budget of Letto? It is 40 million rupiahs, very expensive budget, isn’t it? So, in 2 months, we must to get it. However, all preparations were well until the show begins performances. And Noe was said to me, ‘You are a good chairman boy! I enjoy this event!’. Hahahaha.

I’m very happy to be an important part of my school. Well done!

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Angga Alfian Saputra

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