Reflection about Blog and Blog Communities in UMY

I have to write blog it is a long time ago, but after that I never to continue this because at that time I am confused what I want to share. Now because it is my subject that I must chooses so I continue this blog, although the content my blog is about all of my assignments. I think is the best way to start again this blog, because from that we get earn money if our blog have seen by some people. My first experience to using UMY blog I fell confused because the display on blog like not blog at all that I ever seen. There are some features cannot edit, like avatar. And this blog just share with UMY students, or alumni.

I like blog because we can share all of the things that’s it is mine, we can share our activities, our task, our traveling, our opinion that’s happening in public on our blog. The best that I most like is we can change the theme that we want, so the reader can more interesting to read our blog. The things that I don’t like is people can copy paste as they want and they can be their own work.

I agree using blog for teaching learning because the students can increase they capability about English, they can increase their grammar, vocab, etc. It is the simple way to do the task the students just post and share the link, and the teacher just read and give feedback. Maybe is the best way for students and teacher. If I come be teacher I will use blog for do the task write on their blog, I think more easier to student to submit than their print the task.

Here is my link