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Into the Wild is a nonfiction book written by Jon Krakauer in 1997. This book tells us a story about the death of a young man from Annandale, which was wandering to Alaska. Jon Krakauer had inspiration to write this book after his article about the death of the young man; Chris McCandless was published by Outside magazine. This article made him to become the finalist of National Magazine Award. Into the Wild is an interesting story which is told beautifully by Jon Krakauer. Page by page of this book show us the righteousness behind the fantasy of wild nature.
Into the Wild show us about Christopher Johnson McCandless’s courage to achieve his dream wandering to Alaska. The writer invites us to distinguish about a sharp-brain young man life which graduated from Emory University with Bachelor’s degree started to leave his normal life, left his beloved family and lived far away from people in the wild nature. He donated his saving money to OXFAM (a hunger charity), burnt all the remaining of his saving money, and left her car in the forest through his wandering. Chris McCandless lost his identity. He changed his name become Alexander Super tramp and survived in Alaskan wild nature. After, 112 days survived in the wildness of Alaska, he died of starvation. His body was found by hunters in his sleeping bag inside an abandoned bus in Stampede Trail. People considered that he died because he had ingested toxic seed (Hedysarum alpinum and Hedysarum mackenzii) after he suffers from calories deficiency.
This book is very interesting to read because there are just few novels that tell us about wanderer stories. In this book Krakauer writes the tragic story behind the death of idealist young man with concerning every details of his story. Each page is written wonderfully with fast plot and humble explanation. Despite tell about McCandless’s wonderful story, this book also tell us about the bad side of him, how he wander into wild Alaskan alone with lack of preparations, experiences, and supplies. Additionally, there are a lot of peoples which give bad criticism on him. Most of all, this book not let you put off to reading it until you finish and know the end of Mccandelss’s story.
Jon Krakauer, published by Anchor Books, New York, 1997, 442 pages

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