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Need more example to write Speech Text? I give you an example of speech text that I use for NEXT STAN competition in previous month ago. Here you gooo!

Advertisement Give Bad Impact for The Society

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Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money that they do not have for something that they do not need. – Will Rogers.

According to Advertising Association of the UK, an advertisement is messages paid by those who want to send them to inform or influence people who receive them. Nowadays, advertisement looks as the big influence people because they know  what costumer needed are. Sometimes the company also present advertising uses every possible media to get the messages, such as media television, newspaper, magazine, radio, press, visual, and even people (endorsement). Those make people easily to access advertising in every single time wherever they are. That is why advertisement is harmful to society and give bad impact for them. So, I wish to discuss the main problems of advertisement that can brainwash people and make people being consumptive.

As the first, I will explain how advertisement can brainwash people. To sell their product, the advertisement will make you feel like crap by showing the ideal life is supposed to be, and then make you compare your life to the others. This way makes you believe that in this world have a standard to live in. For the example, you are not confident enough about yourself because you are not beautiful as they are. You feel so insecure. Then the advertisement sells the beauty products that guarantee if wearing this product, we will be beautiful within a week. Such as body lotion and face cream. Is not it duping for the society and make a solution for us. Then after we think that make sense, we will buy this product. That is why I do believe it extremely can brainwash society. The advertisement promises you happiness by offering something and make wrong impression on us if everything that make us happy can be buy.

At the last, I am going to explain how advertisement can manipulate us for being a consumptive. Many ways that advertisement tactics can influence us but we do not realize it so far. I do believe, you see advertisement everyday whether it is on internet or mass media but still we can say “they are just advertisement.” However, we can not avoid that they all keep us think about making a decision to buy that product based on emotional response. What does emotional response means? Well, for the example, advertisement shows us the famous brand like Gucci is sale around 75% than no matter what we have desire to buy this product. However, basically, we do not really need that products because we have lots of bag. However, the way advertisement offering us something is really interesting. That is why we must buy it no matter what. That is what I mean how the way emotional response and advertisement can manipulate us as consumer being consumptive.

In conclusion, I truly believe that advertisement is really harmful for the society. It is because they easily influence us to buy their product. Then after they success influence us to buy  their product, of course, it will directly make us being consumptive. Therefore, that is why I suggest you make your priority of what you needed are in every single time if you want to buy something and be careful of advertisement. It will help you to be  a good consumer. Thanks for attention. Now, there is any questions?

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