Motivation Letter Example by Aura

Do you want to apply for study abroad? Be a volunteer? or Do you want to join an International Event to exchange your knowledge?

So, here you are. This is an example of Motivation Letter by me. I hope this will help you to write your own Motivation Letter.

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Dear American Corner UMY,

I am Aura Amalia Putri 18 years old and I am student of English Education Department of Muhammadiyah University  batch in 2017.

I am very grateful to be able to get this information about Volunteers of American Corner UMY 2018. I got the informations from my lecturer and from official account Instagram American Corner. I think as a students we must actively to seek a beneficial activities which is can improve our ability and knowledges. And then, being volunteer is one of event that could  improve our ability and knowledge. As a youth who eager, I should explore my skills for future since now and this event could be my chance to explore that.

I personally person who like to get involved in community, communicating with people, and looking for new experiences. One issue that interest me is about volunteer. So, I think being volunteer of American Corner UMY is related with my passion. By attending this event, I hope I would get a lot of new knowledge and experiences and also I would get a lot of new friends who have the same interests so that we can share knowledge each others.

For me, to join this event would not be much problem because I have no problem at my collage and it make me a joy to invest time to this experience. Naturally, it would be make me proud to be represent as volunteer and I am confident that my experience as volunteer would be extremely fun, and valuable for both my studies and my future.

Thank you for considering my applications. I look forward to your positive responses.


Your faithfully,


Aura Amalia Putri


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