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  1. Make your website worth the readers’ time by including your best poems, short stories, novels.
  2. Enhance the experience by uploading photos in clean and muted tones and lines. Photos of your family, those that have passed on, artwork you have done, your family has done.
  3. Create pages for which only your family and friends have the password.
  4. Designate a person to ‘will’ your “Endowed Website(TM)” to. The person you choose (and who agrees) to maintain your website then has to choose a predecessor. It’s truly a website that will remain online for as long as there is an ‘online’ – so be careful.
  5. Update the website regularly with interesting and important news articles and contemporary items. Its the little things that mean a lot – not the big stories. How do you feel about them? That’s what your children and grandchildren will want to know.
  6. Contact Arkhold, Inc. to establish an “Endowed Website(TM) – they are the only company in the Universe to offer such a service.
  7. Contact your local library or archives for advice.

Tips :

Keep your website with clean lines and no clutter and Color should be muted and pleasing to the eye so people will want to read on.


Whatever you decide to include on your website will be there forever! And Website building is habit forming.

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