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The social network UNY

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social.media_The social network a uny structure made ​​up of nodes ( which are generally individuals or organizations ) are woven with one or more specific types of relationships such as values ​​, visions , ideas , friends , descendants , etc. .The analysis looked at the social networking networks of social relations as nodes and ties . The nodes are the individual actors within the networks , while the bond is the relationship between the actors . There can be many kinds of ties between the vertices . Research in a variety of academic fields has shown that social networking network operates at many levels , uny from families up to the state , and plays an important role in determining how to solve the problem , run the organization , and the degree of an individual ‘s success in achieving its objectives . UNY

In its simplest form , a social network is a network map of all relevant ties between the nodes that studied . The network can also be used to determine the social capital of individual actors . This concept is often depicted in the diagram that embodies the social network as a node point and bond as a line connecting uny community to strengthen the friendship ties among faculty to support the vision and mission uny one second are conducting research to discover , develop , and disseminate science , technology , the arts and / or sports , the welfare of individuals and communities , and to support regional development and national , as well as contribute to solving global problems

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