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The future of teacher

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In the future, government have to more support the life of teacher. Because a teacher do not only teach about the material of lesson, but also teach about the morality of the students. Its means that the successful of the students is also because the teacher. So, the government must to do that, because there are many teacher that dedicate this life to education world but they just get minimum salary. How will they dedicate their life to education whereas their economic life is so dearth?

This is some rules of ideal teacher in the future:

The teacher must a highly trained professional teachers. It means that the teacher must graduated from good university of education major, So they capture the matter of lesson that they will teach to their students.

The teacher in future must have knowledge about newest technology,Because in the future all of students will not use book anymore. They will use laptop, net book, e book, etc and also they will always connect to the internet to make the lesson easier to understand.

The teacher must have knowledge about counsellings and mediations in order if their students have some problem, they can help the students to solve it by the wise way.

The teacher is also have religion knowledge. Because a teacher do not only teach about the mattery of the lesson but also teach about morality that taken from the religion lesson

You can check this site if you want to look how to make a 21st century teacher. You also can look at this site and also this site to know the view of teacher in the future.

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dewi nila ainul yaqin

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