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Contoh Naskah Drama 4,5,6,7,8 Orang Pemain – Slightly alay indeed the title on this page, but what may make deh. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you who have been willing to read the article Sample Script Drama 4,5,6,7,8 guy we gave this player. In case of the less pleasing and less good I apologize profusely yes.

Perhaps for those of you who want to find a drama script Drama Scripts for example 4,5,6,7,8 The player then here is an example that may be useful. examples of short plays, example plays 7 people, an example of a play for 6 people, friendship script, drama script sample for 5 people, 8 people play script sample, sample plays for 4 people, an example of love drama script

1. Drama Script Example 4 People Players
2. Drama Script Example 5 People Players
3. Drama Script Example 6 People Players
4. Drama Script Example 7 The Players
5. Drama Script Example 8 The Players

LAURA: I always feel very happy here. Gratitude my seat not occupied another. Duhai, sunny morning! Sunny.
PETRA: But the sun is rather hot, Senora.
LAURA: Yes, you were twenty years old (he was sitting in the backseat). I feel more tired than usual (see petra visible impatient), go if you want to chat with your garden handyman it!
PETRA: He’s not my garden artisan, Senora, he’s a gardener’s garden!
LAURA: It is more correctly called this park yours than yours. Find him. But do not get too far up did not you hear my call.
PETRA: I’ve seen it there, waiting.
LAURA: Go, but not more than ten minutes!
PETRA: Well, Senora (walk to the right)
LAURA: Hey, whoa!
PETRA: What else, Senora?
LAURA: Give the bread crumbs!
PETRA: Ah, I’m really forgetful!
LAURA: (smiles) I know! Your mind is already attached to it, heh, it’s the gardener!
PETRA: This, Senora (issued bundle of bread. Exit to the right)
LAURA: Adios! (Look at the trees). Ha, they’re coming. They know when to come to meet me (and gave up bread crumbs). It is made of white, to a brown, and this for the small but kenes. (Laughter and sat back looking pigeons are eating). Ah, the sweet pigeons. It should be a great first, obvious from his big head, and it … ouch, kenes true. Hey, that one was finished pecking continue to fly into the branches. Bersunyi yourself. Apparently he likes to philosophize. But where did they come from? As rumor has it! Spreads easily. Ha, ha, do not argue. There are many. Tomorrow I bring a lot more!Contoh Naskah Drama 4,5,6,7,8 Orang Pemain

(Don gonzalo and juanito in from the left. Gonzalo depend slightly on juanito. Legs swollen, somewhat in drag)
GONZALO: Wasting time only! They really talk like the absurd.
JUANITO: Sitting here alone, senior. There is only one woman.
(Dona laura peek and listen)
GONZALO: No, Juanito. I want to own.
JUANITO: But no.
GONZALO: What is there that’s mine!
JUANITO: Three priests were sitting there, Senior!
GONZALO: Get rid of just them! … … … It’s gone!Contoh Naskah Drama 4,5,6,7,8 Orang Pemain
JUANITO: Of course not! They were conversing.
GONZALO: As the glue on the bench as they were! Heh, there was no hope, Juanito. Come!
JUANITO: (hold towards pigeons)
LAURA: (angry). Watch it carefully!
GONZALO: What Senora talking to me?
LAURA: Yes, sir!
GONZALO: What is it?
LAURA: Mr. scare pigeons me!
GONZALO: Who cares birds!
LAURA: What, ha?
GONZALO: This public park, Senora!
LAURA: But why was lord cursed priests over there?
GONZALO: Senora, but we never see you! And why did I chide Senora? Come on, juanito! (Stepping to the right)
LAURA: Ask the landlord was very temperament! Why do people have to be stupid and silly when it rose old? (Look to the right). Gratitude. He did not get a seat! That is, people who scare pigeon-dove. Ha, she got angry. Yeah, come on, look for the bench if you can! Oh, sorry, he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Well, there it was again. Dust billowed like a train passing by! (Juanito and gonzalo entry)
GONZALO: What’s gone pastors who talk that, Juan?
JUANITO: Of course not, Senior?
GONZALO: Mayor should put more benches here! I was also forced to now sit with the old lady!
(He sits at the end of the bench, looked with envy at laura, and saluted with his hat). Good morning.
LAURA: So lord here again?
GONZALO: I restarted again, we did not ever see you!
LAURA: I just returned the greeting anyway sir!Contoh Naskah Drama 4,5,6,7,8 Orang Pemain
GONZALO: “Good Morning”, it should be fairly rewarded with “good morning” only.
LAURA: But sir should also ask permission to sit on my bench this.
GONZALO: Ahai, it’s a public bench!
LAURA: Why bench in san was also host hosts belong to say, huh?
GONZALO: Well, well! Just so!
(To himself) Basic old woman! Patutnya him at home alone, crochet or counting beads.
LAURA: Do not ramble anymore. I also tokh, not going to just please you!
GONZALO: (wiping his shoes with his handkerchief). When soaked in water slightly the better. Not this park become dusty again.
LAURA: What masters used to use as a cloth handkerchief?
GONZALO: Why not!
LAURA: What host also uses cloth as a handkerchief?
GONZALO: Huh? Mrs it had no right to criticize me!
LAURA: But now my master’s neighbor!
GONZALO: Juanito! Books! Tired of listening to such nonsense!
LAURA: What a gentleman manners!
GONZALO: I’m sorry ma’am. But I hope the lady did not intervene bernapsu other people’s business!
LAURA: I did regular bear my thoughts.
GONZALO: Hhh, Juanito! Books!
JUANITO: This, sir! (Take a book out of the bag, don gonzalo envy looking at laura; Cortes issued a magnifying glass and glasses: open book)
LAURA: Oh, I think the master issued a telescope.
GONZALO: Mrs talk anymore!
LAURA: Obviously vision is still excellent master!
GONZALO: Much better than seeing the lady!
LAURA: Ahai, of course!
GONZALO: If you do not believe me, ask the rabbits and birds.
LAURA: That lord love hunting rabbits and birds?
GONZALO: I’m hunter indeed. And now even my middle hunt.
LAURA: Yes, of course! That’s it!
GONZALO: Yes, Senora. Every Sunday I carry a rifle with my dog ​​went to Arazaca. Idly hunt! Killing time!
LAURA: Yes, kill time! What time can lord just kill?Contoh Naskah Drama 4,5,6,7,8 Orang Pemain
GONZALO: Mrs think so? I can show my dikamar big bear head!
LAURA: And I can also show a lion’s head in my guest room, although I am not a hunter!

A few examples from the article short plays, example plays 7 people, an example of a play for 6 people, friendship script, drama script sample for 5 people, 8 people play script sample, sample plays for 4 people, an Contoh Naskah Drama 4,5,6,7,8 Orang Pemain Drama Script in blog Yoedha Com5.0

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