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My first accident

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accident   My father told this story when I was 10 years old. When I was 2 years old I liked playing in swamp near my home. My friend and I always played there to look for ciplukan fruit in the afternoon after ashar. I had never known that day was terrible day for me.  [ Read More ]


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My hometown is Jepara that is very unique.For the first,  Jepara is famous with  beautiful  carving. For the second, Jepara also has many beach that is wonderful. Moreover, it has many culture that is very awesome. For the last but not least, my hometown has beautiful woman hero who fight for the emancipation of women.  [ Read More ]

The Terrible way

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  One story when I was still in Senior high school. I thought that I have to continue my study to the University. I planned to enter Nation University in order that I can help my parents about the fund of my study. Actually, I also wanted to enter one nation university in one city.  [ Read More ]

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my beloved hometown

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My beloved Home Town “JEPARA”. Jepara is my hometown, I was born there. It is located in the north of central java. Jepara is small town, but it is very beautiful and clean. Jepara had gotten 7 award of adipura. Adipura is one of awards for the cleanest city in Central Java. In the morning,  [ Read More ]

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Liya Unyil

yang penting itu bukan seberapa unik atau bagusnya judul atau cover. tapi isinya simple tapi berbobot.
judul unik atau cover bagus penting si? cuma bukan prioritas utama
;D ting

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