benefit of nature / December 28, 2017

My experience when I first made questions usingĀ  padlet in . I did not have any trouble because it was just like the activities before I had to makeĀ  questions using google form, prezi, edpuzzle, or kahoot. when I create a question using a padlet, it’s just like when using google form or prezi because when I and my group make the questions, we can edit questions together in online, so we do not have to gather in one place to ask questions together. things that I love about padlet is because of the various backgrounds and ways of displaying diverse questions like wall, cave, stream, grid, and shelf. in this time me and my group used the grid to create the questions. we can add images, audio, video and files in the questions we provide. no difficulties encountered because making a question with the padlet is easier because it has ever made questions by using the other tools. this is our question in padlet, you can click and answer the questions in this five sense the question is about human body ( five sense)  

benefit of nature / December 21, 2017

my first experience when i’m making kahoot at was very challenging because I had a hard time when I had to put the video in kahoot. some times the video can not be displayed. making the question in kahoot is also interesting because the question given is not only sentence, but also we can add pictures and video. The first kahoot I made was about describing human body with the title of the human body. The kahoot that we create have 10 questions, there is the usual question, there is also the question that included a picture and some questions were added to the video to enhance students’ understanding in answering questions in kahoot. I think to create the questions in kahoot not so difficult, perhaps for the first time makes it will have a little confusion, but after i understand how to create Kahoot, it is very easy to understand. how to play games with kahoot also can not be done only by students only, but teachers and students must be both in the state online so the game can be played. this is a kahoot that is created with the topic of the human body if you…

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