Mobile Cloud Hosting Providers Comparison 2017

27 December 2016 0

Mobile app hosting or mobile cloud computing has been famous for developers to build mobile application. The mobile application has quite high scalable market and that makes developer compete to build mobile apps. With crowd […]

Internet of Things Platform Definition

20 December 2016 0

Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is a concept of a wider implementations of internet. Some of the advantages is data sharing, remote control, and etc. Include things in physical life. For example is […]

iBeacon Technology and How it Works

17 December 2016 0

iBeacon is getting stronger now. With the hype of almost every year there are more innovations involving iBeacon technology and not just in retail but it is currently developing to smart environment such as airport. […]

Mobile App Server Architecture

7 November 2016 0

Mobile app server architecture is a set of techniques and pattern to build fully structured mobile applications based on industry and vendor specific standards and procedure those works on wireless mobile devices like smartphone and […]

7 Ways to Convert Ideas Become Business

7 November 2016 0

Building a business can be an exhausting journey, laden with obstacles and changes. If you currently have an idea and intend to lose that idea into a business, the following article can help to launch […]

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