3 Smart Strategies for Startup To Build Applications Faster

Limited funding, limited human resources is one of the many reasons a startup when it was first established. Know that these two things become an important reference internal problems, which you must finish first.

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After that there are still many things that you should know that “marketing”. When you first start, you guys do exist purely technical coding and things more complicated. Know the one you need to accelerate the time to assemble a solution. Creating a market fast iteration, get feedback from the user as soon as possible.

For that use the smart way means that we have a survey on over 300 renowned developer, how they may quickly turn delivers their first service. Before making a final service. Pay attention! This step is the initial phase for you can scale up more quickly.

1. Use Mobile Backend as a Service

Build a database, install the OS on the server, add the integration of A, B, C and others. Too complicated than what you make. So I use shared hosting mock. Standards already not slow anymore. Admit technical things like that make our lives increasingly short (time-out).

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Use Mobile Backend as a Service for all that, not to mention you have to create dashboards and others, integration with push notification, user management. You could spend six months just for that, but the App that you have never been in the wake tasted user, plus competitors who already released first.

2. Use Open Source Code

Not necessarily you’ve expert coding level. When you invincible argument, not necessarily your coding from scratch and from 0 is the best decision. There are lots of open-source code that you can use to create the first service.

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Take opens source and read both good license on offer, install it on your server, to test-market, prepare the renewal of user feedback. Remember! Groupon currently use wordpress early days they were built.

3. Buy Material Element in Marketplace

Spend a little money out of your pockets, but you have to make things faster impact. Make UI / UX, for example, it is old, and not necessarily what you created is to answer public concerns, especially if you do not have a background of good design. Buy the one element mobile app or web app in Themeforest, codecanyon and others.

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Looks expensive anyway, but you have a design that is much better, save time. If you do three things above are less than a month you can immediately release the app that you wake up.

Do not waste your time in vain and to know the one you may not be able to do all alone. So better be smart ….

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