A Few Things You Should Learn Yourself For IT Students Off Hours Lecture

The world of work is increasingly agile and compete to get satisfaction and provide value to the customer. In the working world can change so rapidly, employment is expected to adjust to the rapid changes and a lot of energy. Not to mention the modernization of various tools to be one factor the importance of mastering the tools or the technology in the world of work..

One source of labor is from the academic world, for example from college. As we know graduates of the university, especially the IT department, is expected to provide output that is ready to work and be able to compete to make the company even better.

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The academic world has a number of curriculum already established with the vision, mission and targets to be achieved by the educator to the learners. But over time, when the curriculum already established there are always missed because of the IT world is so fast. Because the provisions given in college only as a starting point only. Students are required to be more skilled IT and independently to prepare himself in the world of work, or even create jobs.

Then how can we be ready to face the world of work in IT? Of course learning, and let us consider some of the following subject.

Learn to Make Applications

Learning a programming language in the academic world is usually limited to subjects algorithms and programming. If we follow the course seriously, of course, would be a good start for our own. But if we take them for granted, we should be able to choose what we will take. Arguably the case that will be encountered when the work will be harder and more dramatic than the task – the task of college.

There are times when we have to increase the flight hours from the time that we get on campus. Maybe now we can begin to pursue one programming language, say Java. With these programming languages we can choose a career to become a web developer using SpringMVC or become mobile technology developer using Android technology with Mobile Backend as a Service.

To pursue this, inevitably we must give up our time to have fun – happy to gradually raise our capabilities. Depending on where we want to focus, to spend more time not something we may not be able to master a programming language without having to depend on the course of programming a given campus. When we use a programming language, we can make things with these programming languages. Granted we are pleased with the programming language C #. By using the C # programming language alone, we can already begin to create mobile applications for Windows Phone, a desktop application for Windows, web applications, or create a library to use other developers.

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