What is Mobile Backend as a Service

Backend Server for Android App

Mobile Backend as a Service is a cloud service that allows a mobile app developer integration between databases, cloud storage, push notification, user management, integrated with API and SDK (Software developer Kit). Mobile Backend as a Service Providers, solution providing integration with many mobile OS platforms like Android and iOS.

Use of Mobile Backend as a Service for a mobile developer will lighten them, as a mobile app developer requires a long development phase. With Mobile Backend as a Service they could shorten the time of development.

What is Mobile Backend as a Service

With Mobile Backend as a Service, mobile developers will more easily manage user database, file management, social networking integration, location services, and set the load balancer of traffic still relies to a mobile app, more easily. With mesosphere Mobile Backend as a Service, a Mobile Developers do not have to do the eraser load balancing and server management headers manually, as all are in managed within Mobile Backend as a Service (Baas) Service.

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Another advantage, the cost for a menage a mobile app will be cheaper. The developer of a mobile user must perform the installation inside a bare metal server or VPS Server. When you build your own environment on the server is empty, it will spend a lot of time, you should pay attention to security issues, and integration with other applications.

Mobile Backend as a Service into one complete solution for a mobile developer. You should be as mobile developers focus on programming logic and solutions that will you make. This job is much more important and requires a long process, if you must use a blank server and install manually one by one, when a mobile developer will be exhausted and the application takes a long time to release.

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Mobile Backend as a Service is enough to do for a multi apps, so it’s not just you easier to manage user, but also manage multiple applications in a single backend. This will facilitate you to perform the monitoring of the stability of your mobile app, when the mobile OS upgrade you can monitor in the dashboard. Accelerate the upgrade phase and mobile app to make sure you are in a normal condition in the smart user.

Normally Mobile Backend as a Service provides a free plan that you try out the service, but you can not be a reference to the actual services, because many free plan provides a basic reference when you will resume service Mobile Backend as a Service such. However, for the initial phase you can capitalize on these features to create a simple mobile apps first, or you could use the initial development phase of the mobile app before you release to the market.

At least you can start creating a mobile app with Mobile Backend as a Service to cut operating costs early. When a user you go up, you do not have to worry about the feasibility of the network, load balancer, and the other two, you can be sure that your mobile app to run normally and able to work better.

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