5 How To Perform Startup Pitching to Venture Capital

Before you raise funds to venture capital who have been targeted, it’s good to learn in advance the background, the startup type to favorite investment amount is usually provided by the prospective investor. It is important to do, so that you can get an idea as Founder and certainly the right background to begin to approach investors.

Find the right investors

Not all venture capital have the same criteria in terms of startup funding stages of their choosing. Some investors simply focus on funding of series A or seed-funding. The best way to do this is by categorizing the venture capital in five of the following characteristics:

  • Stages of investment (seed, Series A, B, C)
  • Number / nominal funding
  • How much investment has been given in the last 6 months
  • Category startup of interest
  • Location as the focus of funding

Curate your story

Most Founder startup has a habit of telling all backgrounds, history up to the vision and mission startup to venture capital while pitching. So that your story can be summed up with a solid, clear and to the point, curation first before pitching your story to venture capital.

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Make pitching professionally

When pitching, you as the founder must have two crucial mindset, among which is why you are the right person and why investors are willing to make some investments. Starting pitching you open the presentation with discussing traction, users, products, competitors to the trends in the market.

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Seeing the big picture

Try to give the facts and background of ‘reasonable’ when you are pitching to investors. Avoid excessive delivery or overestimate your own idea. Make sure you understand the business you want to run at large. As Founder You are also responsible to give an idea who your startup competitors, the targeted market, financial management, legality up to the policy.

Follow-up after pitching

Not all startup get a chance to meet with investors, if you make a successful startup and pitching direct meetings with investors do not forget to do a follow-up to the investor after pitching done. Simple ways that can be done is to thank them, send follow-up information, to arrange the next meeting.

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