5 Strategy Indie Developer Can Build a Startup

Not all developers have sufficient mental steel to form the startup. This is because building a startup not only need programming skills. You also need to understand about startup business models, processes to deliver business and various non-technical knowledge important to startup.

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As an indie developer, you must be well aware about various things about programming. Several times maybe you had thought to make startup. Actually creating a startup is not as complicated as you think. All just about how you execute the ideas and processes to deliver the right target market.

Here are some tips that may be useful if you are Indie Developers who want to build a startup:

Understand Business Issues

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If today you still freelancer, would still be convenient because next month you can still be able to work from the usual vendors who hire you. But the story becomes different when you decide to become Startup. Real is a business startup.

You must thing growth of users who use your service, brand building, maintaining cash flow, and to build people to sustain your business. It was 180 degrees is very different from being a freelancer. So start to learn the business problems of today. It is better if you also learn things such as tax non-technical, financial and human resource management.

Having a strategy in Technical Things

Source : iamwire
Source : iamwire

In building digital products that may take more than 3-6 months to achieve the MVP (minimum viable product) or early prototype. You also need to be nimble in improving the service.

Timing development is a classic problem in a startup, you have your strategy in building your application. Some founders chose accelerate their concept with standard applications. Remember! Groupon and DevTalk using wordpress at the beginning of their pioneering efforts. It does not hurt, at least you need to do is reduce the work effort.

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You can use the PaaS (Platform as a Service) to build your services, but unfortunately the cost for these services still seem expensive. And this may be the right choice, or it will probably still be a cost burden for you.
To build a cloud infrastructure server, if you are doing is starting from scratch, meaning that you must install on the server VM empty. Not to mention the various problems of integration. The time required is too long. Therefore try using mBaas (Mobile Backend as a Service) so that you can more quickly release applications that will you make.

All you have to realize is to build infrastructure along with rising user traction you will take a lot of time and effort. It may not be advisable if the first start you have to build their own server of 0 because it will prolong the process of development. The longer you spend time for development, the more exhausted you time to deliver solutions.

Looking for the Right Cofounder

Source : Perfomatix
Source : Perfomatix

Startup is not a website, not an application, and not the goods / services. But the startup is a group of people who perform the execution field to benefit. This means that playing in the startup is its people. Internet is a path or a media business, the application is a mediator you to make money.

So select cofounder who is able to execute the job, take the one who is great at coding to build the product, invite people are great at marketing in selling products, invite business people to determine the direction and read the market trends.

Update Capability Pitching

Source : Entrepreneur
Source : Entrepreneur

Is it obligatory pitch? Yes. Then if the pitch is used only to attract investors? The answer is certainly not. Because the pitch is the ability if you said to attract the attention of others. In this case the potential buyer or client. This is important because people need persuasive that are sure to want to use your services.

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When you get used to speaking coding, try speaking more understandable people globally. Nontechnical explain something easier to understand people. In this way, you will understand in making solutions “pain killer” of client problems.

Dare to Fundraising

Source : Upleaf
Source : Upleaf

Grow up to be big is the dream of every startup, but it’s not all startup bold fundraising can and want. All depends on the strategy. Seek funding if you do have a strategy in your business. If you are still comfortable with their own capital because it is still needed, a fundraising still not necessary.

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But prepare for fundraising is also not anything wrong. When you’re at this point, then you have to think about your energy and capacity. Because if you get funding from investors, the time and effort you have to be focused to pursue certain target2.

5  it is a few key points that need to be prepared if you want to plunge into the startup world. As said in the beginning, building a startup does not only require great coding skills, business sense also needs to be developed so that you can be successful startup thrive.

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