Some Things Glance Investor of a Startup

Some startup takes investors to help accelerate their business. Usually if it wants to get investor targeting startup is doing that long ago. In fact, not infrequently also learn how to get the attention of investors. There are some things that become the focus of investors, the most frequently mentioned is a matter of the founder and his team.

Founder and Team

Founder and teams is one thing that is certainly noticed by the investor. Founder track record in business and education can be very influential for investor decisions, as well as the team. Startup good in it maintained a good working climate. This could be a great foundation for a startup to develop.

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The next thing that catches the attention of investors is about clarity, either purpose or target market, as well as clarity on what you want solved problems with products or services that run. It is quite crucial considering it contains the most fundamental thing of the establishment of a startup. Is also related to long-term business models that can be applied or not. Including momentum when the product or service is launched.

User Growth

Undeniably matrix such as sales, user growth, and user loyalty has a great influence on investor decisions. These data were used as research material to see the extent to which developing startup once predicted the extent to which the development of startup of one or two years after this.

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A further factor is the valuation. If during a presentation to investors is too high you set the value of your company’s valuation will have a negative impact. Not only to startup, but also you. As expressed by one angel investor Peter Basil, according to the over-valuation is one of the most common problems faced by an investor. This happens because the founder usually too rushed to get something great in the beginning.

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