3 Conditions That Make It More Professional Programmer

Being professionals definitely need a process. And sometimes you do not like with his process, remember well, there is not anything that instant, you need for an advanced high-flying professionals. In the high salaries and are able to make digital Startup worldwide.

But unfortunately not many programmers who managed to Become techno. Because there are a lot of reasons the classic where you are not serious in his career, other than that you do not like in learning things that detail. Rather choose to live life and others.

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This condition is the one who can support you to become more professional either personally or in making a quality product, and established a remarkable startup. Starting was of little things below:

1. In the Status Singles.

This content is not intended to insult, or married eventually unprofessional in being a programmer, but if you are in a state of singles, you have plenty of time to browse through the pages github, stackoverflow, and others of her, without anyone worried about you guys.

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You can linger learning, and focus on the job (if you are already working). Do not think dating is the best way in a relationship, it could be a career programmer you can get off because you are busy fighting for dating, forget things that are not important. If you’ve married her time alone, do not have to use courtship. More efficient and more blessed.

2. Personal independent

If at this time you livelihood as a programmer, startup, or freelance coder, the condition is the most popular guys can be shot. Because no other than your own backrest and Allah SWT. But is expected to still ask for prayers to your family in your home.

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Take advantage of these conditions to be more focused on learning coding or making service. You can finish without anyone commanding you to do homework, and others. But note you are a social person should not be too selfish, but that are as fair only.

3. Being In The Right environments.

If you are always with friends coworkers or classmates who just hurray hurray, rah-rah alias. Soon their right to stay. Look comrades that one type, if you need a master among masters good programming.

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Follow the programming community bustling community and there are many people sharing. With this condition you will be away from a variety of temptations. In addition you will have plenty of opportunity when you are in the right environment. Follow startup meet-up and other important events whatever the conditions.

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