Mobile App Server Architecture

mobile app server

Mobile app server architecture is a set of techniques and pattern to build fully structured mobile applications based on industry and vendor specific standards and procedure those works on wireless mobile devices like smartphone and tablets.

A mobile apps will normally be structured as a multi-layered application consisting of user experience, business, and data layers. When developing a mobile application, you may choose to develop a thin web-based client or a rich client. If you are building a rich client, the business and data service layers are likely to be located on the device itself. If you are building a thin client, the business and data layers will be located on the server.

Mobile App Server Architecture and Design Techniques

There are several Mobile App server architecture and design techniques for your mobile apps. They are:

1. Dynamic Differences in Mobile Design

Understanding mobile design is important for developers to make sure that their design is suitable for every mobile design. Interface in Android is definitely different with interface in iOS. So does on tablet will look different on smartphone.

2. Finding the Right Design Flow

There are 3 types of app types. Mobile application mostly falls into three general types, they are: Native, Web, and Hybrid. As long as the device on which the app runs has the capability to load software and access internet, it fits into one of these three designations.

3. Designing for Visual Appeal

User Interface matters. Make sure you apps interface is appealing so your user won’t get bored. And the most important thing is make it as simple as impossible yet significant.

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