Why Choosing Server Apps for Android Mobile Application

With the hype of Android Mobile Apps, developers are choosing server apps for Android Mobile Application to ease their development process. This is pretty similar for developers because using Server apps for their Android Mobile Application is the easiest way to build their mobile apps.

There are some benefits you can get if you are choosing server apps for Android Mobile apps such as:

1. Develop Faster

Since Server apps taking care of all the backend infrastructure part, you don’t have to spend entire time to spend on the backend and the infrastructure. Focus on the front end and the backend will escalate itself.

2. Deliver Faster

Continuing previous feature, developers can start develop their front end faster than the usual. It also makes them hit the market faster because server apps take care of the backend infrastructure.

3. Engage and Manage your User

Both features are main feature in Server App. Push Notification and elastic cloud infrastructure are provided for developer to engage and manage their user. Push notification will deliver directly to user so developers can receive feedback and deliver promotion.

4. Connect to your IoT devices

Some Server app, allows you to connect with IoT Peripherals. That way you can build mobile apps for your IoT and manage the device in the same platform. Some server apps, like Mesosfer also provide feature where you can connect to not only IoT Peripherals but also other hardware like beacon devices.

Those are some benefit if you want to start using server apps for your mobile apps. Make sure you understand the features before choosing which server apps or you can choose the trial version of server apps to make sure it is suitable for your apps.

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