Best List Mobile Backend as a Service (Baas) Provider


In this post, I’ve compiled a Best List Mobile Backend as a Service (Baas) Provider that you can use for Android applications and games. A Backend as a service provides mobile application developers with a way to connect their applications to the cloud storage backend while providing features such as user management, push notifications, and integration with social networking services.

Android Backend as a Service (Baas) provider.

I am trying to sort mobile backend as a service to the startup or mobile developers who might be able to take advantage of you, because the mobile backend as a service (Baas) you can save money and effort in building a mobile app, good android or IOS.

1. Mesosfer

best mobile backend as a service

With the Mesosfer, you can build a mobile app on android and ios, including web app. Mesosfer supports the concept of cloud computing with Elastic Mobile Backend as a Service. Where you can build a mobile app in infrastructure capable scaleup when you accessed the mobile app thousands of users.

Free / $ 15 / mo (Premium)

2. Kumulos

Kumulos backend cloud platform as a service (Baas) enables application developers like you to easily integrate cool features in iOS and Google Android applications. Cloud backend as a service platform as Kumulos allows application developers to store, manage and access their data via the cloud and allows you to develop the backend features to your application within minutes.

Free / $ 25 / mo (Premium)

3. Kinvey

With Kinvey, you do not have to worry about creating backend features, figuring out how to connect your application to a variety of cloud services or deal with the complexity of accessing corporate data. Furthermore, Kinvey platform provides you with the data store, store files, push notifications, mobile analytics, the ability to run custom code, and more.

$ 200 / mo (Premium)

4. Backendless

Backendless is a development and run-time platforms. It helps software developers to create mobile and desktop applications while eliminating the need for server-side coding. The platform consists of six core developers backend services that are usually spent carrying out for each new application.

 $ 50 / mo (Premium)

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