A Platform to Build Your Mobile Application Faster

Mobile Backend as a Service as a platform to build mobile application is making developers job easier since mobile apps competition is a hype. Using Mobile Backend as a Service to ease their mobile apps launch. One of the Mobile Backend as a Service is Mesosfer.

Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service, a cloud platform made for developers to launch their IoT device and mobile apps. It is not only made for developers who wants to connect their embedded system, but also creating mobile apps.


The features Mesosfer offered to the developers are quite various. Started by creating and managing mobile apps, Mesosfer also allows developers connect their embedded device and iBeacon device. This makes developer can build more than one implementations and still maintain their performance in one platform.

How developers maintain the performance of their apps/device is simply by every features that is provided by Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service. With basic feature such as real time experience, Push notification, and elastic private cloud, Mesosfer could make it easier for developer to enhance their product quality

Other features such as Software Development Kit (SDK), Insights analytic, multi platform Backend as a Service can helps developer managing every detail of their apps performance and engaging their user.

For example is App Crash Reporting, This feature will provide developer about errors in thei mobile apps. Prevent more errors happen in the mobile apps. Dynamic database is another example.

Mesosfer is using dynamic database to make developer compiles table and field from every meta data. Dynamic database eases relation between data and data management of database architecture. Mesosfer is the right choice if you are a developer who wants to focus on Internet of Things Project and also managing the apps you create.

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