This concept of ‘Indonesia Smart City’ According to Smart City originator

smart city indonesia

smart city indonesia

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The development of information and communication technology and the application of electronification is an important aspect towards the application of smart city concept which is expected to improve the service of city government to produce more effective and efficient work process.

It is supported by Smart City Initiator from ITB, Suhono S. Supangkat who gave his presentation in one of the seminars at Smart City Smart Money Festival which is still in the series of Regional Economic and Financial Evaluation (REKDA) held by Bank Indonesia (BI) And the Regional Government, in this case the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta.

“A good city is the one who can see its purpose clearly, we are talking in the concept of economy, culture and environment,” he said in one of the seminars in the Smart City Smart Money Festival series at Golf Driving Race Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (03/06/06) 16).

The development of a city into a smart city is in line with the government program through Bappenas, which has established urban development roadmap in the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2015-2019. The development of 7 existing metropolitan areas, 5 new metropolitan areas, 10 new public cities, 20 autonomous cities and 39 new growth centers.

Suhono also added, for 2 years it has learned the concept of this smart city and produce a concept called smart city garuda. This concept consists of 3 namely: smart economy, smart environment and smart system platform.

“Education, Natural Resources and People and Industries will produce an economic value, there will be ease to be created such as labor aspect, poverty management, and tourism,” he added.

Smart city is expected to help solution urban constraints. Such as transparency and public participation, public transport, non-cash transactions, waste management, energy, security, data and information. It can be supported through information and communication technology.

“Now the problem of the city if it is ignored then the gap between the problem and the solution is getting farther, the more the traffic jam and the flood, for that strategy is sought and this needs to be done together with the community Co creation Lets do this together Gotong royong,” he explained.

However, Suhono explained, Smart City is not always for cities that must have adequate internet access and IT-based. According to him, smart city is a city that can manage Natural Resources (SDA), Human Resources (SDM) and other resources so that its citizens can live comfortably safe and sustainable.

“IT is not the main goal, but many cities spend IT but do not manage it optimally.The smart city is the fastest and most accurate city to provide solutions to its citizens,” he added.

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