Some Things Glance Investor of a Startup

3 November 2016 0

Some startup takes investors to help accelerate their business. Usually if it wants to get investor targeting startup is doing that long ago. In fact, not infrequently also learn how to get the attention of […]

5 Strategy Indie Developer Can Build a Startup

2 November 2016 0

Not all developers have sufficient mental steel to form the startup. This is because building a startup not only need programming skills. You also need to understand about startup business models, processes to deliver business […]

5 How To Perform Startup Pitching to Venture Capital

1 November 2016 0

Before you raise funds to¬†venture capital who have been targeted, it’s good to learn in advance the background, the startup type to favorite investment amount is usually provided by the prospective investor. It is important […]

What is Mobile Backend as a Service

31 October 2016 0

Mobile Backend as a Service is a cloud service that allows a mobile app developer integration between databases, cloud storage, push notification, user management, integrated with API and SDK (Software developer Kit). Mobile Backend as […]

5 Pitfalls of Mobile App Developers to Avoid

30 October 2016 1

The success of mobile application depends on how the Development and Marketing in progress. Each developer was good at programming and technical skills can start creating mobile applications after gaining adequate knowledge of application development. […]

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