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Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb. Good morning, of all student,   Are you happy? Today is very – very amazing because we will study a new topic. This topic is “Sholat” and we more focus about sholat fardu . Sholat is constitute part of the principle islam. Sholat is second principle. You usually sholat five times until true. However, before we start about the topic and our lesson today first of all’s praise to Allah. Please do pray together, shall we! Thank you. Now we come in about the topic. What is your opinion about sholat? Before you ask, please show of your hands! Can you say conclusion about opinion your friends? Ok, we are discus sholat. Sholat the meaning along Arabic language is “Doa”. On the other hand, sholat is religious service which arrange some words and deed and start with takbir and finish with peace on islam, and demand condition which a given. We must a founding sholat because that is can restrain about from deny deed. Such as Firman Allah on receipt Al-Ankabut verse forty five

واقم الصّلاةانّ ااصّلاة تنهى عن الفحشا ء و المنكر- سورةالعنكبو

Please read the receipt together! Furthermore, who read self? After we know the meaning, now we discuss about provision sholat. What can you remembered about provision sholat which previously at you on junior high school? When you remember, you say about this in front of the student other. While, other student receive your friend said. Then, conclude we discuss.  Provision sholat the first is Islam because the islam people obligatory to sholat and non islam people do not command before they are go in Islam. Second is intelligence. The meaning intelligence is not crazy.  The next provision is adult. Adult is they fifteen years old.  We already the theory, the next time we will practice about sholat. All of you must prepare about the equipment. The women students do not forget to bring veil. Tomorrow, we direct into the masjid. Ok, any question about the lesson and practice next time. I feel the lesson today enough. What is the summary we lesson today before we close the class? Ok, thank you about your attention. Do not forget about your equipment and do not come late. Lets we put up the shutters the class with read hamdalah. Alhamdulillah hirobbil ‘alamin. See you next time. Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.

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