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20th century

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In the 20th century with the times always advanced and many kinds-kinds. There immunization and technological developments, the disasters around us who are phenomenal happened.
First, the development of internet technology. With so many new technological developments that arise when this is indeed very important and very necessary. Now this is very important for all technology people. From  adults, teens until a child is very need. Internet technology is currently very effective, fast and easy to use for everyone. Because with the internet we can interact with people in another country, seeking information and news from inside or outside the country quickly. The existence of so many scientific discoveries and technologies have changed the world of “ancient” in the early 20th century into sophisticated world.
Second, changes somewhere result of the disasters of global warming. Global warming is Earth’s very much in terms of changes in terms of weather and natural conditions. Climate and weather is now very difficult to predict and too many disasters in our world is the tsunami, earthquake, flood, volcano eruption and the other. causes of global warming is the greenhouse effect, the effect of feedback and solar variations. The scientists also believe global warming is a long – time will bring adverse effects to our planet and all who inhabit. the impact of global warming can also be made from an unstable climate, sea level rise, global temperatures tend to rise, disturbance ecology, and social impact and global politic. Heating  should be kept and we as sentient beings who inhabit we must maintain and protect our earth .
Third, Volcanoes, volcanoes constitute a change of a place the most severe in our area. Volcano disaster yesterday so many victims and many houses lost and damaged severely. Volcano  eruption of volcano eruption yesterday that was very large compared with the year-long eruption before. Happen but until now material-material still be a big problem for residents. Every rainy cold lava floods always occur and make the roads jammed, broken bridges and houses lost struck down cold lava. Many residents who do not have homes anymore and they stay at home the other citizens who are not affected by cold lava flood.
In conclusion, in the 20th century was the development of science and technology is increasing but besides that the disaster was also a lot happening and a lot of casualties from the eruption of volcano, global warming

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20th century

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