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In this era of globalization as it is now of course we should know about the development of technology. They are many technologies that create from time to time. In the 20 centuries we can do anything we want instant direct. We can access a wealth of information everywhere and every time.

It starts from the television. This technology not only brings information from our country but also universal information from this word. We can see now that our social culture is strongly influenced by western culture. Faster flow of information and telecommunications that causes a tendency that leads to the weakening of cultural conservation values.

People are more interested in music performing in their neighborhood than the existing puppet show kept the audience there. Especially on television, most of the programs there is to provide sine, gossip, music, performances, etc. there is the education for our children in these programs. While they are a culture that we must continue so that our generation can know the history of the country thinks that it is time. They are modern, so they should be kept up to date with what is happening in this world. They are more interested in using their electronic devices at anytime and everywhere.

Seeing this condition, our culture is not likely to change and lose a lot with the technology that created by the human arm. As good citizens we must maintain the culture of each province we so different and unique culture will always exist in this word. Then our generation can still see and are proud of our cultural differences. Actually creating the technology to simplify our lives, but do not have to change our culture.

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