Prepare for the future

20191010 - prepare for the future

A young man observes an 80 years old man planted a tree. Within his curiosity, the young man asked, “Why you planted the tree? Do it needs years to grow big and begin to produce fruit?”. He thinks if the old man will be dead before he can reap what he sowed.

The old man answer with full of wisdom,”Yes, you’re right, I might be not young anymore and it impossible for me to get the reward from this effort. But, I already enjoy other fruit that planted by others. What I do today is for the next generation so they can be enjoying life like I do.”

Douglas Carr tells us if the winner will be remembered as long as they live, even their descendants will receive the glory! The majority of us just doing temporary things, so if you want to live forever you must create legacy that lasts longer than you. It’s more than fulfill our needs, so we need to created an example for the next generation so they have a figure to pursue. Like what Douglas Carr says, what we decide today will affect our future. Whatever the habits, whatever the option that we take, whatever the decision that we make, it might have an effect on your offspring.

As a leader, we need to define the culture that will take the company growing healthy and stronger than before. As a management, what our impact that will be remembered all the time? As an employee, what value that we take that will affect our lives and can be used by others. Let’s think together, what we must prepare to face the future. It’s must begin from ourselves.

You must be know about 5 levels of leadership by John Maxwell. The true success not created by them who just sit in management level but doing nothing, but created by them who created another leader. As a first step, maybe you can learn about 6 Type of Conflict Management Style to Solve a Problem. With this study, I think you can reach the destination sooner.


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