Careful : While it’s interesting, but it’s dangerous!

20191014 - young man enjoying life

As a young professional, we already put in a “danger” situation. Pdt. Johan Thelee says in one of his writing is a young people tend to trap at glorious life that offered by the world. Society already give us the freedom to choose for ourselves, but they don’t ask anything in return for freedom. We are freed from adult responsibilities. Interesting age where we can pick options without considering consequences for others, besides ourselves. Wow. freedom!

But we must take special notes for this condition. At abroad, young people can enter bars and discotic, or buy an adult DVD that can’t be made before 18 years old (some 21 years old). At that age, we can use our money freely because we made money by ourselves… not waiting for parent giving like yesterday. We don’t need to afraid when we come late to home because there is no one waiting for us. An interesting fact right?

The bible enlightens us to guard our hearts with alertness. We can freedom of choice but we can’t pick the consequences from our option. Like life quotes that tell us that every options have their own consequences. You can waste money! You can party every night! You can have one night love! Because nothing restricts you, so it is very wise to take responsibility for our independence. Young age is very interesting, but we must aware of the danger that can happen when we take the wrong step.

When it’s available, please join nice community that available around you. It can help you to keep doing good things. We must show the worlds what is love means. Let there be light wherever we are.

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