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Lack of Sleep

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Are you guys sleepy? Fun fact, most of adults like us need around 8 hours of good quality sleep at night to function properly. I believe that most of us suffering from sleep deprivation, or you can call it insomnia. It is a very common thing in daily lives especially for us as a student. And today, I’d like to discuss about what happen if we didn’t get enough sleep and how to overcome it.
Sleep is divided into two broad types, non-rapid eye movement(non-REM) sleep, and REM sleep. Non-REM sleep is basically deep sleep, and REM sleep is smaller portion of sleep time. Sleep plays an important role for our physical and mental health. The way we feel the next day is the result from our sleep the night before. A neuroscientist at University of Washington named Marcos Frank said, “The primary function of sleep probably has something to do with the brain”. Up to 90% of adults with stress and depression are found to have sleep difficulties. Are you guys one of them? I hope not. Because now, I’d like to move on what happen if you didn’t get enough sleep.
First, increased the risk of injuries, because drowsiness can affect our behaviour and dangerous in our activities. Most of you probably think that it is okay to don’t have enough sleep for several days, but actually it is not okay. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 2.5% of fatal crashes and 2% of injury crashes involve drowsy driving. For example, as you know our friend, Amin sadly just got into an accident, and you know why? It’s because he was sleepy. And that is just a small example, you can find lots of cases with same causes.
Also, from the lack of sleep itself, it could affect our mood that day, are you going to be quiet, irritated, get angry easily, or other unstable emotions. And that is why we should get enough sleep. Now, that we have known the effect, let’s look at several tips to overcome it. First, discover your sleep schedule, second, face the sun, third, keep yourself hydrated, next, move and stretch, listen to calm music, or try theraphy.
So, to sum up, sleep is important for our health, it is part of our life. Which means if you lack of it, then something in your life could change in negative way. You should not underestimate lack of sleep because it is one of things that keep you healthy. I hope we all realize that in order for us to success, it is not always work hard, but to get enough rest so you can continue your work the next day feeling fresh.
I think that is all I had to say. I hope you have a good quality sleep from now on, and thank you.

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