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Personal Statement

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I am applying for master degree in English because I want to expand my knowledge in English. English has always been my favorite subject since I was very young, but I knew I am still lacking and want to keep studying to be better in English.
I have quite alot of experiences in English competition such as story-telling, speech contest, and essay competition. Those experiences has taught me lots of things and that makes me want to study English even more.
As a person who gets bored easily, I like to spend my time with writing short story, or watching a movie that has good message in it. Writing short story in English really helps to increase my writing skills. I am also interested in English speaking especially in college. My friends and I could talk in English all day long, that is also very helpful to train my English speaking skill.
I’ve always been familiar with English because I have learnt the pronounciation from song lyrics since elementary school. I am able to learn everything about English quite fast and I also enjoyed learn new things everyday. I joined English course only when I was in high school, and I finished the course earlier than most students because I’ve understood most of the materials, so my tutor allowed me to went home earlier.
Having studied in English Education, I have increased my knowledge about it. With the lots of assignments, I always finished each of them on-time without any problem. My ability is able to work in a team that since high school, my friends always chosed me to lead the group everytime we have projects. From there, I developed my communication skills also by attending many seminars.
English is something that I want to be good at and since I love English, it is always fun to study about it in many different ways. I always thought there are many things that I need to learn about English. With my skills and interest, I hope this could be a good oppurtunity for me to continue my education especially in English.

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Personal Statement

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