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The Short Story of Habit

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One day,,,,,,,,,,

there is a tall man stay in a small city, substantively he is a smart man, he always has a good value is his study. But, there is one site which make he come to be a individually man, is cause his habit. His habit is  playing game in a long day. Because of this habit, he can’t receive some instruction by other. He can’t do other activity by well. He just think “I’ll play a game long day” until he forget to take a rest in the night day.

 then, what happen with this man after doing this habit in a long day??

he lost of his time to study,

he lost of his time to work,

he lost of his time to interaction with other,

and he lost of his time to take a rest,,,

actually, this habit make he lost every thing which more important then playing game in a long day.

 “for you all,,

this story give us some lesson,,

that every activity has a portion,,

don’t do anything  excessive,,,

because God didn’t like an “excessive”

thanks for your attention guys,,,

see you in a next story,,,, 😀

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erfina dyah anggraheni

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