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Example of English Conversation

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Erfina Dyah Anggraheni 

Rina Alfian                   

Going to the Tourist Object

Holiday after semester’s examination  is the best time for every student to go to enywhere they want such as, going to mountain object, beach, temple, park, swimming pool and so on to  refresh them mine. One day, Erfin and Rina meet at one of tourist object in east java, exactly in Jawa Timur Park.

Erfin       : Hai Rina, assalaamu’alaikum.

  Long time no see, how are you Rina?

Rina       : Wa’alaikumsalam Erfin.

                 Yes, long time no see, I am  fine Fin!

                 I don’t think that we will meet in this place!

Erfin       : Yes, you are right.

                 I am think so.

                With who you are here?

Rina       : I am with my family.

                 Then you?

Erfin       : I am with my friends.

                 Are there place heve you visited before this place, Rina?

Rina       : Emmm, yes, there are.

                 I went to Tangkuban Perahu mountain.

Erfin       : How about the mountain?

Rina       : Wow, the mountain was so attractive! If we look  around of the mountain, we can get how      beautiful it’ is! It  made me fresh becouse of the air and the natural panorama.

Then, I went to Baron, Kukop, And Krakal beach. There I looked at a big stone beside of the beach. I stood on the stone and I felt so cool by the fresh air and the wave. I thougt about our frieds in Aceh, Mentawai, and japan becouse of tsunami’s disaster. They missed their family, house, and the other which most important for them life. If we ware remember it, we would felt so sad. Is’n it, Fin!

Erfin       : Yes, I agree with you.

Rina       : then, where have you visited Fin?

Erfin       : I went to Ketep Pass.

Rina       : Where is it?

Erfin       : It was being one of tourist object in Muntilan, Magelang. There I looked at the Merapi mountain after eruption.

Wow! Every village there was filled full by the dust came from merapi’s sprinkle. The dust was so danger for civil’s health. So that they have to weared the masker anywhere they went. The ammazing one, I looked at the trace of the hot cloud or called by wedhus gembel with them, which made many trees on the foot of the mountain and farmers plants in the farm burned. They lost their job and their agriculture’s income.

Rina       : I am sad to hear that!

                One time I want to go to there, I am vexed to look of the place.

Erfin       : Please, I think you will be happy there, because you can also look some other mountain from that  place.

Rina       : Is it really? What mountain I can look?

Erfin       : Yes, it is. Beside you can look at Merapi mountain, you can also look at Merbabu and Sumbing mountain.

Rina       : Wow.

(Suddenly, Rina’s sister call her to come back to their car, because they will eat together in Jatim park garden)

Rina       : Fin, my sister was called me to back.

Erfin       : It’s ok!

                Take care Rin, great for your family and enjoy for your holiday!

                I also will back to my car, I am affraid, my frieds look for me.

Rina       : oke!

                See you next in the new semester, Fin!


Erfin       : see you, wa’alaikumsalam.

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