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Assalaamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

Thanks you very much for your attention.

I’m very pleased to be able to stand infront of you all to share my paper. You have known that today we have an interesting topic on Islamic issues. Therefor, I am very greatful for my lecture Mr. – for this wonderful opportunities.

Our topic today is talking about al Akhlaq al Karimah. This topic will be divided into 4 parts.

  1. Definition of al Akhlaq al Karimah
  2. Types of al Akhlaq al Karimah
  3. Function of al Aklaq al Karimah
  4. Conclusion

First of all I would to discuss about definition of al Akhlaq al Karimah. The word Akhlaq roots to the arabic (خلق – يخلق : خلق : اخلاق) it’s mean character, attitude, behavior, or nature. Whereas, the word Karimah originates from(كرم – يكرم : كريمة)  means exalted, glorious, laudable and excelent. Then terminologically definition of al Akhlaq al Karimah is laudable character, behavior or attitude contained in self of sameone which can encourage self to do everything easily and immediately without of thinking twice.

The second focus on types of al Akhlaq al Karimah. There are three types of al Akhlaq al Karimah, such as:

  1. Confident behavior

The meaning of confident in this type is believing on capability of self and can employing it well. The problem which appear in self is how to employ or explore it? Many of people have them capabilities of self, but they can not employing it well. So the action which must be done by self is always try and try. Started by a litle thing such as confident to ask, to says something in front of other people, and other ways.

  1. Diligent behavior

The sense of diligent is meaning business to do any activity in life. When we look on our self,  then that description can be realized in our study. We study hard to reach our successful.

  1. Thrifty behavior

The intention of thrifty in this side is every body can control where is the necessaries and where is the desirability. Then, when we need something which important for our self, its can be first priority. Its better than we prioritised our desirabilities.

The third deals with function of al Akhlaq al Karimah. As a moslem, the function of al akhlaq al karimah is reflection of worship activity for Allah swt. Without of al akhlaq al karimah, the worship just some of ritual and movement which haven’t value and benefit when moslem do it. Becouse of akhlaq is one of basic, important and vital element in life.

From the description above, we can conclude that every body have laudable behavior (al akhlaq al karimah) in them self. But, this behavior could not realized when them self could not explored it. Becouse of akhlaq does not independent in self, but akhlaq need for effort and process to be habit. And there are many kind or types of al akhlaq al karimah, here discribe about three kinds, they are confident, diligent, and thrifty behavior.

I think, it’s the end of my presentation. If there are some mistakes forgive me.

Wassalaamu’alaikum Wr. Wb




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erfina dyah anggraheni

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