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Good morning students, how are you? First of all, let’s praise be to Allah who has given us many opportunities, blessings and in particular the only belief in Allah so that we can meet here, in this class, to carry on our study on religious service fiqih about Thaharah.
I have divided my talk into 3 classification :
1. Understanding Thaharah
2. Understanding Unclean
3. Classified According Unclean
Let me start with Understanding Thaharah. According Language Thaharah mean purification or clean themselves. According to the Guidance of the term in ways that have been determined by the Personality ‘(Islamic Law) in order to eliminate all odious and ritual impurity. Thaharah Basic Law, among others, the Word of God Almighty. In Al-Qur’an Surat Al-Baqarah verse: 222.

“Truly Allah loves those who repent and He loves those who purify themselves”.
The next is that we will leam about . According to the language, means everything unclean, dirty and disgusting. Accordingterm is unclean Various kinds of impurities that can hinder the validity of prayer and tawaf. In Islamic law, are classified according unclean Unclean and How to purify / clean it, namely :
a. Lightweight unclean (Mukhaffafah): Unclean a way to eliminate enough to sprinkle water on the affected place unclean.
b. Unclean Medium (mutawassithah): Unclean a way to eliminate it should be washed clean, thus missing the former, the smell and taste.
c. Unclean Weight (mughalladhah): Unclean the ways of eliminating or clean it with using water as much as 7 (seven) times, one of them mixed soil / dust is sacred.
My third section deals with objects that are judged unclean:
a. Carcasses of land animals
b. Blood
c. Pork
d. Pieces of flesh from the limbs of animals still alive
e. Vomit, urine and feces human / animal
f. Wadi and madhiy
g. Khamer, liquor
So can we takes the conclusion that thaharah is self-purification or clean and unclean. Anddivided into three unclean unclean namely mild (Mukhaffafah), being unclean (mutawassithah), odious weight (mughalladhah)
Enough lessons today and let us end this lesson by reading the literature hamdalah together. Thank you for your cooperation.

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