Descriptive Text (Person)

  Descriptive   22 May 2012


Johnson is the tall man he is from Dutch and stay at the hotel in Yogyakarta. He brought two bags that are the camera bags and his equipment. He is very friendly and talkative when we are interviewing his. Johnson loves sing a song and humor story. He is very cool to make friend because he always talk to us about his opinion about Indonesian country. Firstly, Johnson fells happy to stay in Yogyakarta even thought Yogyakarta is hottest weather than his country. He is also fells Indonesia is chipsets from his country. For example, if we go to Yogyakarta from Solo we will pay Rp.10.000 while in Holland is 17.9 Pounds. Johnson comes to Yogyakarta alone and walking around the street to enjoy the beauty of this city. He was visited solo and Mataram city in Lombok. According to Johnson “Indonesian people are extremely friendly”, so he is comfortable to stay in Indonesia. He is also likes the traditional food of Yogyakarta city. Secondly, Johnson is smokers’ people. When we are taking the interview he is enjoy him smoke until the cigarette has finish. He is also brought the camera to take a picture of the beautiful thing that he likes to see it. In addition, when we ended the interview he takes a picture with us by a nice background that is lamps and the beautiful store building. Finally, he continues his adventure to enjoy or see the beauty of Yogyakarta city.

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