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cell phone for children

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Cell phone is media communicate between other people. Cell phone can also use send the message to our friends, parents, and other people. In Era Globalization, cell phone is used by all people. Even children can use the cell phone. Furthermore cell phones have many applications. For example, games, calculator, alarm clock, and many other applications. Cell phone is one of sophisticated communication tools. However is not luxury thing? Cell phone also is very useful to people because cell phone can connect with all people easily. Cell phone can also be danger to the people, especially for the children. Using of cell phones for the children has positive arguments and negative arguments. Even though, cell phone brings some advantages for children.
First, cell phone for children is very dangerous. For example if the children bring the cell phone in public area. It is so dangerous because someone can grab it suddenly. Secondly, cell phone can decrease children concentration in studying. The children only play a game and their thought wants to play game in cell phone. Moreover, children can access porn video and picture by internet mobile. Additionally, cell phone bring jealous feel because if the poor people don’t have money to buy a cell phone, but only rich people which have much money to buy a cell phone. The last argument is the children will always play game on the phone. So, it disturbs children in studying.
In my opinion, Cell phone can control activity of children in the out door. For example, if the children to go home from school, therefore the children can call their parents to invite. Then, to control the children are playing with their friends. Their parents can control by cell phone, such as, calling their children or send the message to their children to determine situation their children is very good. Then, can communicate with friends about study group. So, if they want study together with their friends, therefore the children can make agreement their friends by message or telephone. They make agreement a schedule, when children will start study together. And if the children not come in the class, so they can ask to their friends about homework. The last argument is making them understand about technology on the people. So, in Era Globalization the children must be known about technology.
In the conclusion, there are many positive arguments and negative arguments in the cell phone. So, we must take care with the children from cell phone. The children can bring a cell phone, but we must also to check on the children phone.

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fitria dwi marta

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