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A. What is the case? 
    Internet traces will never disappear
    Prita Mulyasari defendant of the defamation case of Omni Hospital, Prita Mulyasari, expressed his gratitude for the sympathy of residents who met him in the Sabang Area, Central Jakarta, while he was waiting for a car that would deliver him to one of the private television stations, Monday (11/7).
Although she could only surrender, after the Supreme Court won the criminal suit from the public prosecutor, Prita still hoped that there would be no detention against her.
Prita Mulyasari became the first figure known to the public for being entangled in the ITE Law. Prita is a mother of two children from Tangerang.
He wrote an e-mail about his dissatisfaction while undergoing medical services at Omni International Hospital. His writing is widespread on the internet, from mailing lists to mailing lists.
B. What chapter is violated?
    Prita Mulyasri criticized the hospital’s poor performance but was spread in the public room. On that occasion, the hospital felt defamed and reported it to the police. The hospital filed two lawsuits, criminal and civil, to Prita in September 2008.
C. What was the punishment? 
    Prita was also sentenced to 6 months in prison and a fine of more than Rp. 204 million by the Tangerang District Court and the Banten High Court.
Prita was convicted of violating Article 45 paragraph (1) jo Article 27 paragraph (3) of Law Number 11 Year 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE Law), Article 310 Paragraph (2) of the Criminal Code, or Article 311 Paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code.
After going a long way, until the Judicial Review (PK) in the Supreme Court, finally on September 17, 2012 Prita was found not guilty and was not proven to have defamed the alleged good name.
With this decision, the verdicts handed down by the Tangerang District Court and Banten High Court were dropped.
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