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Padlet Reflections

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Padlet is web application who have function like a “wall”. The teacher can make an online class and student can share their thoughts on the teacher posts. I really enjoy using a padlet. It is really easy to use, understandable, and the interface is very clean. As far as we use Padlet, we didn’t have any difficulties making the new Padlet.

Things that I like from Padlet is the interface. Interface looks clean and neat, also it has various design to make a new one like wall, stream, etc. The second things that I like is you can add some pictures, video, URL from any websites, or even your Spotify playlists. But, I also have a things that I don’t like from Padlet. The website of Padlet is quite heavy to load. It means you need a good internet connection and the big amount of quota.

Padlet is really useful for academic purposes. The teacher can make an assignment on Padlet and the student can answer it right into the comment section. The activities that I made on Padlet maybe search the things that is similar with their interest and I will ask them what is their got on Padlet.



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