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“Read!” that’s simple and great word which God Allah sent to our Prophet (Peace be Upon Him and Us). That’s meant that we should get more knowledge. Moreover, as a student of education, we have to improve our skill, including reading and writing. As we have known before that reading is the key of world’s window, our elders had built a place, a special place where there are lot of a book. That place’s name is Library. UMY, the one of the best university in Indonesia has library for student. We can read book, even we are able to borrow it. So, if you are in order to borrow the book, here are many steps you should do.
Before you borrow the book you want, you should prepare something. First, you should bring your ID card (Student’s Card) and of course you have to bring your Library Card. Then, you’re ready to borrow the book.
First, you have to show your ID card to the librarian in order to get the locker key. The locker used to save your bag, because you are not allowed to bring it in to the library. Second, put your Library card to the Sensor of Barcode in entrance. Third, you look for the book you want to borrow. You can use the catalog to search the book easier. Forth, take the book and bring them to the librarian. After that, the librarian will give sign and expiration date to the book. Finally, the book is yours for temporary time.
So, it is easy to borrow the book from our university’s library. We have nothing to pay, but we get everything to improve our knowledge. Knowledge is free in the library. Thus, let us use our library to get more knowledge, even with the simple ways that have told before.

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